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Phonak SoundField

Phonak Roger  -  Dynamic Classroom SoundField

Proven SoundField Benefits Include:
  • Children's listening and learning skills improve
  • Less vocal strain for teachers
  • Teachers repeat directions and information less often
  • Improved all-round classroom management

Bridging the Education Gap

The most advanced, clearest and most teacher-friendly SoundField system available in the market! 

Zero Hassle

Nothing is easier to use than Roger. There are no
frequencies to program and manage, and devices are
connected with a single click.
Full Compatibility

Roger is the most compatible system of it’s kind. It works with
virtually every behind-the-ear hearing instrument, cochlear implant and SoundField amplification system. Roger inspiro is the only
system capable of transmitting speech simultaneously to Roger, FM and Soundfield systems.
Introducing Roger from Phonak

Roger marks the dawn of a performance revolution in Classroom Soundfield. This new digital standard surpasses all of today’s existing FM and digital systems, offering a staggering breakthrough in signal-to-noise ratio and eliminating technical complexity once and for all.

Maximum Performance

Phonak’s Roger offers the industry’s best ever speech-in-noise performance, with proven improvements of up to 35% over Dynamic FM technology and 54% over other FM and digital systems.

 Roger Dynamic SoundField combines Roger inspiro sound
performance with fully automated volume and frequency settings.
It does not suffer from feedback or echo, and it is the only system capable of simultaneously transmitting speech to Roger receivers,


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Roger Pass-around Mic

Roger Digimaster X

The new Roger pass-around mic is designed to enhance classroom discussion. Automatic modes for desktop or hand-held use. Multiple mics can be used with the Roger Touchscreen Mic as part of a MultiTalker Network

For classrooms with other soundfield installations, Roger Digimaster X is also available to ensure every listerner can enjoy Roger-quality speech understanding. Class recording is also available.

Roger Touchscreen Mic

​This new easy-to-use transmitter gives best ever speech-in-noise performance up to 54% improvement over other FM systems. Automatic microphones will switch from single talker to group mode. Intuitive touchscreen controls. 

Roger Multimedia Hub

This fexible interface connects to any multimedia device that has an audio out jack, ensuring students with personal receivers enjoy the same audio experience as their normal hearing classmates.

For regular sized classrooms

Phonak's Roger DigiMaster 5000 systems fits the bill perfectly. Featuring on eportable Roger Digimaster loudspeaker )available with floor or wall mount) and a Roger Inspiro microphone, this system offers th eultimate in instant sound performance.

Suitable for a standard classroom size of 100m2 and 30+ students.

Up to 9 additional Roger Microphones, including Inspiro and Dynamic can be added.

For larger classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums

Phonaks Roger DigiMaster 7000 system consists of two loudspeakers which can distribute sound over more than double the area of the one DigiMaster 5000. Speakers can be supplied with floor stands or wall mounts.

Suitable for larger rooms of 300m2 with 100+ students.
Up to 9 additional Roger Microphones, including Inspiro and Dynamic can be added.